Parametric wall Water ripples
Wall art designed and made in Cutlab.
Sizes: 3000*900*100 mm
OAK Veneered MDF 19mm, Oil
Installed in Pärnu. 2020
Office Desk
Designed and made in Cutlab.
Sizes: 1500*750*950
OAK, plywood, Oil

Plywood Van racks
Van racking CNC made
Wooden Desk organizer
Desk organizer
Plywood paper racking
Cozy a4 paper organizer for office
interior Letters sign
Sign logotype made of painted mdf
CNC made oak leads
Wooden leads for tube packiing
CNC cutting of plywood
Plywood milling on cnc router in Tallinn
CNC made small wooden parts
Serie of small ash wood made using CNC parts for flute maker
CNC cutting process of solid oak wood board in Tallinn
Miiling solid wood board parts for a furniture
Souvenirs made of oak wood
Souvenirs made of oak wood
Engraving on a wood
CNC made engraving of a solid piece of oak boards
Jewelry display made of dark oak
Bespoke made Jewelry displays
Plywood Van racking
Custom made shelving for van
Plywood made podium bench
Bench wit a slide made of birch plywood for kids playground
Playground with slide in Mängusaar
Made by Cutlab playground house
Plywood wall shelving ang logotype sign
Furniture and interior logo sign
Rustic interior for Jägala juga spa
Table, doors and other solutions made of recycled oak
Bassein lead made of termo wood